How to Promote Yourself As a Party Entertainer

If you are looking for work as a professional entertainer you are probably wondering what you can do to get noticed.Some entertainers have ‘it’ some just don’t… but why are a few of the really bad ones get work regularly and other genuinely talented artists are scraping together a living?I run an entertainment agency called Totally Talented, from my experiences the answer is very simple. Some people advertise (for free) in the right places and some are getting it all wrong!Here is a list of popular methods of self promotion
Word if mouth or circles
Entertainment agencies like Totally talented
Charity work
The web and your own website
If you don’t have a large promotion budget here are some free or very cheap methodsWord if mouth or circlesThe number one way to get regular streams of work is word of mouth, every time you have a gig think of the potential of getting all their friends, associates etc. If you are a children’s entertainer ask the parents to recommend you to their friends.. before you know it you could be the number one entertainer in that school. Make sure you give out business cards or flyers at the end of the event.AdvertisingTargeted advertising can give you the start you need to break into the lucrative world of entertainment. Word of mouth is the number one form of free advertising but there are other ways, they just need you to invest some time and effort. Send out some flyers, put a card up in your local news agency or advertise in the local press. Newspaper advertising starts from as little as £25 and can cost up to several thousands. Whatever you choose to spend make sure it is targeted, that’s why the local press is the most effective. If your a musician consider advertising in press related to music not just random places. Think about your add too make sure it is worded well and gives all the right information.Entertainment agenciesThere are numerous entertainment agencies that will find work for you. Some of them charge money for their services and some of them are free. Search the net for the free ones. Totally Talented is free to signup.Charity workIf you have some free time, why not do some voluntary work? Not only will you get the opportunity to show off your talents and get potential future work but also that satisfaction of helping a needy cause. Just don’t forget to give out your business cards at the end!The web and your own websiteThe web is a very powerful tool for self promotion – use it! There are countless sites where you can advertise your services for free. For example YouTube, Gumtree, blogs and Totally Talented. Totally Talented gives you a personal space where you can upload videos, sound clips and pictures – the next best thing to a personal recommendation! If you were looking for an entertainer, you would want a recommendation or to see them for yourself first, that’s why uploading videos to the web is one of the most effective things you can do.There are lots of free ways to get yourself noticed just remember to try. See what works for you and don’t be afraid to self promote.

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